Tracking RFID-based Agents in Distribuited Environment

Funding programme: Bando Metadistretti /ICT, Regione Lombardia
Start – end year: 2006 – 2008

Gruppo Intelfin,
Microsystems S.r.l.,
Siemens IT Solutions and Services S.p.A.
Dip. to Informatica Sistemistica Comunicazione, Università di Milano-Bicocca
Consorzio MIlano Ricerche

The project

TRADE research activities are to explore and investigate thoroughly innovative issues and technologies, are aimed to models, algorithms and solutions able to manage, automate and optimise Supply Chain underlying processes. To this aim, activities focus on different sensor devices to automatically obtain information from actual material flow: sensors distributed along the S.C. are the RFID technology, Sensor Network and Imaging. Hence, research objective is modelling a framework for the production of specific and complex tracking and controlling applications.
Consistently, development objective is the system implementation within specific application domains for the process automation along the Supply Chain, where internal areas distinguished by related problems, and in order to guarantee multi-channel provision in terms of multiplicity of devices and technologies.
The project perspective is to foster innovation and efficacy in the production and distribution processes.

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