e-relation HUB

Funding programme: D.M. 593/2000 art. 5, Fondo Agevolazioni Ricerca MIUR
Start – end year: 2003 – 2006

Consorzio Milano Ricerche (acting as subcontractor)

The project

e-Relation HUB concerns the MCM multimedia content management and CRM Customer Relationship Management tools development, while Milano Ricerche is dealing with e-mining and e-profiling functionality, application software and algorithmic components.

Final research objectives of this project funded by FAR – MIUR, are to:

  • Design and develop an innovative software, open, portable and cheap for the design and generation of enterprise portal with advanced functions.
  • Custom for a specific typology of enterprise portal addressed to the customer management
  • Try out e-relation HUB approach to customers, products and projects of the SCM division, named SC&CM, of the company.

For the design of the programming platform it will be followed a non-proprietary type components based software development and open-source approach, in studying, specifying and carrying out in prototype form:

  • base components libraries; both for the knowledge search and extraction from the web (e-mining), and for the advanced profilng of the users (e-profiling)
  •  functional advanced components libraries; for e-consulting, e-learning and operative support (on-line support)

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