Optimisation Service Provider

Funding programme: 5th Framework Programme – IST
Start – end year: 2001 – 2003

UNICOM Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom
Netincelle, France
Labrador, France
Jeffrey Systems Plc, UK
GIP AG, Germany
Blue Water,
Consorzio Milano Ricerche

The project

Optimisation models are widely adopted in a number of industrial sectors including finance, supply chain planning, agriculture, and energy distribution. Optimisation is used as an analytical engine for competitive advantage in these and other sectors. Further, the adoption of an optimisation solution often requires a investment in technology, time, and staff, typically available only in large organisations. Recently there is a growing requirement for the use of optimisation by a wide range of companies leading us to Optimisation Service Provision (OSP) which:

  • Allows the use of optimisation tools without the significant cost of an in-house optimisation solution.
  • Provides vertical, generic and customisable end-user solutions for a number of industrial sectors.

OSP contributes to the community in two distinct ways. First, it extends the concept of ASP to include decision support applications. Second it includes training which is a critical factor for the use of optimisation by a wide user-base, that may not have the key expertise and/or resources to adopt optimisation for competitive advantage.

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