Architecture and Technology for Inspirational
Learning Environments

Funding programme: 5th Framework Programme – IST
Start – end year: 2001 – 2004

University of Malmo, Sweden Wien
University of Technology, Austria
Akademie der Bidenden Kuenste Wien, Austria
Imagination Computer Services GesmbH, Austria
Universty of Olulu, Finland Interactive Institute, Sweden
Consorzio Milano Ricerche

The project

The aim of the ATELIER project (Architecture and Technology for Inspirational Learning Environments) is to contribute to inspirational learning environments, which are grounded in an understanding of creative practices within design, architecture and art. The project starts out from interactions between people and material artefacts in physical places and asks how we should enhance such an environment with digital technologies to turn it into a resource for inspiration and creative learning by an integrated design of learning materials, interactive technologies and architectural space. ATELIER focuses on inspirational learning environments and the thinking and acting that takes place in these environments. Two different learning environments are used for observation and experimentation: the architectural master class at Akademie der Bildende Künste in Vienna and the interactive design studio at Malmö Högskola. The project team aims to develop a better understanding of the creative processes and learning experiences that take place at the two sites, especially during group activities, and to use that understanding to develop new concepts for creative interaction technology. ATELIER looks at creative practices, space design, inspirational artefacts and interaction technology. The great aim is to design a number of creative tools that will help students and teachers visualize, test and experiment with different ideas, designs, scales, materials, metafors etc. and learn from these experiments. Inspirational artefacts – something you can look at, touch and play around with for inspiration and new ideas Space design – use architecture to create a space, stage, where new ideas and concepts can be displayed, presented and evaluated. ATELIER will increase our understanding of how to design systems that support more flexible and creative learning. The project is carried out in close co-operation between seven partners in Sweden, Austria, Finland and Italy.

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